K-9 Services is specialized in providing dogs and dog- handlers able to search for explosive substances, narcotics, and incendiaries. With the great use of narcotics and the diffusion of international terrorism, the request for dogs and dog-handlers highly specialized in searching for narcotics, explosive devices and firearms is increasing every day. K 9 Services provides services in explosive detection, in the search for drugs and people who are missing and/or who have escaped, as well as in the case of collapse of buildings and natural calamities.

 It is able to provide 10 units in the search for missing people-- even those swept away from ruins. K9 Services is able to lead high profile defensive quests as part of a program for security and surveillance as a deterrent action, both in the public and private sector, and for companies or private homes. These programs foresee the use of trained dogs under request, after a careful analysis of the demands of the client. All the dogs are trained with a cognitive methodology, without the use of any sort of abuse or coercion, with respect to the dignity of our four-legged collaborator. Before accepting any job, a client and his requests are looked over carefully in order to verify his real needs so that he or she will receive the proper service, cost and training. The K9 Services’ team is made up of experts in the kennel sector with plenty of experience in training dogs at a high level in both the sports and above all, the social kennel circle. Our dogs are trained daily to maintain the high quality performances in the services provided. The Chief, the Instructors, the Consultants and all the Staff of K9 Services are highly motivated, therefore ensuring a service and training as great as the market offers. Our clients are private citizens, private companies, security and investigation agencies and sometimes governmental. Privacy is a key word to K-9 Services, that is why the identity of our customers is protected, in line with our idea of privacy. K-9 Services has provided dogs and dog- handlers in governmental operations, for the police forces, for multinational organizations, private security agencies and private individuals. K9 Services is able to intervene with its own team throughout Italy, and if requested, also in foreign countries.



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