The course lasts 3 weeks.


Theoretical arguments:

the concept of security

the evolution of International terrorism

places at risk

organic approach to the concept of security

the EDD dog’s work and his training

- important skills for an EDD handler

the smell

how dogs sniff 

hot to fill out the logbook

History Cases


 Theoretical and practical arguments:

cleaning of buildings in "bubble"

decontamination of vehicles, aircraft, boats, luxury cars, packages, suitcases, people

drive the dog on leash and off leash- when and beacause


specialist armed man in a place with high level of risk

management and contamination of the substances

The "Hot" Man 

EDD work post attack

how control physical and psychological dogs and dog handler stress 

planning of places of training

Blank Searches 

Reward & Rewarder 

conditioning unaware on the dog        

- passive indication of the dog

- keep in memory the smell of substances

how train a new substances

desensitization to a substance

- traps and secondary explosions

- search simulations with own dogs and K9’s dogs

- the main military and civil explosives , their characteristics, as well as systems of ignition conventional and unconventional


The course in numbers:


Days: 15 - Hours: 100


Location: Milan


Cost: 1.900 € (+ VAT 21%)


Cost of accomodation and food: 50,00 € per day per person


Working hours:

from 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m



Luca migliavacca


Instructors: Nicola Carrara, Ruggero Minotti, Alessandra De Fronzo


The Specialist: Guido Lironi


Dogs Instructor: Fin, Jed, Donnie




- all participants will have the information material


- the training method used with dogs is based on positive reinforcement



The Course EDD handler, lasts 3  weeks. The first two weeks, the handler will work with the three  K9 Services's dogs. For those who have booked the dog, at the end of the second week you get the dog from England. After an initial adaptation and acclimatization, on Monday the 3rd and final week of the course, English Certificator will arrive in Italy  for the final revision of the handler and his new dogs.

Any refresh, advice and / or future upgrades are provided at a cost of 450.00 € technical daily. You need to add the expenses (in piedilista), if the refresh will take place at the headquarters of the requesting Company.

At the final exam, dog and dog handler will receive a certification valid  throughout the European Community. 


For more information, please contact: Luca Migliavacca 0039.3381371226                  























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