K9 SERVICES offers narcotic detection dog services, that are beneficial to:

§     Parents

§     Schools

§     Businesses

- Local Police

Our certified narcotic detection dogs can determine if there are any drugs present on your property, and accurately locate them. This service is entirely confidential. Only the client will know the outcome of the search. No law enforcement will be alerted. We leave it up to our clients to decide what action to take after our dogs search their facilities. 

Narcotics detection dogs are a reliable way to deter anyone from selling, storing, transporting or using drugs on your property. Our dogs can search large vehicles, heavy machinery, warehouses, workrooms, common areas, offices, lockers, houses, and more. Our handler professionals will perform discreet, yet thorough inspections of your entire property or just a specified area within your home or business.


Drugs in the workplace are a serious concern for many employers. Not only does narcotics use decrease productivity, it is a serious liability for employers. Narcotics Detection Dogs provide a less invasive, and more discreet, method of locating narcotics than individual drug screening. Our services can help reduce workplace accidents, insurance claims and improve workforce productivity.


Drug use by adolescent and other loved ones is also a serious concern for many people. When an adolescent becomes involved in narcotics use, it is very common for them to have substance hidden in the house or their vehicle. Ensuring a narcotics-free home is not as difficult as it might seem. Our inspections are unexpected and unannounced to everyone but the client and can be randomly scheduled by you or done on a regular basis. Our Certified Narcotics Detection Dogs can provide peace of mind that your home and vehicles are safe environments for your whole family, and free of narcotics. 

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